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February 17 Skelton Inn, VT, Blacksburg, VA, music for brunch 11:00-1:30 PM
March 14
Warm Hearth Village Jam, Blacksburg, VA  7-9 PM
April 7 – , 
Skelton Inn, VT, Blacksburg, VA, music for brunch 11:00-1:30 PM
April 12- German Club, private Event
April 14 –
Wilderness Road Regional Museum- house concert, Newbern, VA, 5:30 PM
April 21Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston, VA dinnner music 5:30-8:30PM
April 24German Club, VT campus, private event
April 26Square dance/ Street dance- Liam Kelly calling, Hickock St., Christiansburg, VA 
April 28 – Floyd Country Store – 1:30-3:30PM
May 4 – Blacksburg Square Dance, Phil Louer calling, VT campus, GLC multipurpose room  7:00-10:00PM
May 9– Warm Hearth jam, Karr Activity Center, Blacksburg, VA  7-9PM
May 18Newport Jamboree,  Newport, VA 7:00PM
May 25 Concert and jam at Kairos Resort, Glyn Lyn, VA 6:30-9PM
May 26Mabry Mill concert, Meadows of Dan, VA  1-4PM
June 8Gospel Sing, St. Luke's Odd Fellows Hall, Gilbert St. Blacksburg VA   2:00PM (Mounains of Music Homecoming)
June 8- Mt. Tabor Ruritan Fish Fry, Blacksburg, VA  4:30-5:30PM
June 11 – Feastible, MOMH – Square Dance, Sinkland Farms, Riner VA  8:00-10:30    (Mounains of Music Homecoming)
June 12- Market Street Jam host– Draper Rd. Blacksburg, VA  8-10PM

July 14Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston, VA, dinner music 5:30-8:30PM
July 21 Concert at Roanoke Mt. Campground, Milepost 120.4 on Blue Ridge Parkway, Roanoke, VA 6:00PM
July 27 – Concert at Christiansburg Library, Christiansburg, VA   7:00-8:30 PM

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Recording at VT’s studio

We had a great Sunday afternoon last weekend recording some tunes at Virginia Tech's recording studio in downtown Blacksburg. We recorded a few tunes and some songs with Old Man Kelly on guitar. A good time was had, but I have to admit that I wish we were able to enjoy the sunny (albeit windy!) afternoon a little more. That being said, we're really excited about what we recorded (with Jacob Early at the controls) and thank him for the opportunity to record there again – it's been a few years since we played there, but the quality of the studio is still 100% awesome. Fun fact: It was built by Rick Krayniak way back in the day before he sold it to VT and I think the F-150s recorded some killer stuff there. We'll hopefully be able to post some of those songs on this site on YouTube (just search for Indian Run Stringband). 

Tunes recorded: Cattle in the Cane, Monroe's Farewell to Long Hollow, Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston

Songs recorded: Grey Cat on the Tennessee Farm, When the Train Comes Along, Dixie Darlin' (in F with 3 part harmony)


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