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In 2010, the band started out as Ginger's simple idea: she loved Paul's fiddling and wanted everyone in the world to enjoy it, too. With some encouragement and conversation (enhanced greatly by guacamole and nachos), Ginger and Paul got Kristie to practice and eventually perform regularly since 2011. In 2013, with the additional enticement of frosty cold IPAs, the three looped in Mark to the family.

The four played regularly until Kristie left the area for a job opportunity in Ohio, at which point, Indian Run Duo formed. For larger performances, Chris Webb and several other Old Time aficionados filled in on a part-time basis. Today, Indian Run Stringband is led by Ginger and Paul, with a semi-regular rhythm section including Chris and Kristie (who's vowed to never leave the NRV again).

Just as the old saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child", so should it take a village to sustain a community-based, traditional, and all-inclusive Old Time band. IRSB welcomes and values all the immensely talented players who've performed with the band over the years and welcomes all interested pickers to come to our shows. We love to perform traditional songs and tunes (from the rare to the well-loved), encourage the meek to dance, and instill in you a passion for Old Time music and life.

We appreciate all the support from you, our community, and in turn offer our genuine enthusiasm for music, family, and tradition.

Indian Run Stringband Is

Paul Herling began playing fiddle during the old-time revival of the ‘70’s, and learned firsthand from masters such as Tommy Jarrell, Albert Hash, and Marion Sumner. He has performed for many years at festivals, dances, schools and concerts and has won numerous awards.




Ginger Wagner took up clawhammer banjo in the late ‘70’s, learning from traditional players including Dwight Diller and Mac Traynham, and has played at many dances and festivals. She performed for several years with the Blacksburg Hoorah Cloogers and is an experienced dance caller.



Kristie Dorfler grew up playing in classical symphonies and quartets beginning at 11 years old. She can safely say that she is a full convert to "the dark side". Although you shouldn't be surprised if you see her playing blues open mic incognito…



Liam Kelly is a mysterious guitar-fiddle-banjo-bass-mandolin-mouthharp-keytar madhatter who frequents all of the contiguous US states in a mystery mobile. His comings and goings oft align with our gigs, at which he often daydreamsof his late night shenangians with his cronies from various honky tonk/bluegrass/  old time string bands of yore. With a tip of jug and a twinkle in his eye, Ol'Liam knows how to make music!  



Past Members and Frequent Guest Stars


Chris Webb is a jack of all trades and all-around good guy. He's played guitar and bass for longer than anyone wants to remember and is a frequent jammer in the NRV scene.





Mark Barbour has been playing in old-time bands for over 30 years. His guitar style has been greatly influenced by Riley Puckett of the Skillet Lickers and Roy Harvey (with Charlie Poole).




Indian Run Duo Is
Paul Herling and Ginger Wagner

Recent Posts

Hoping for an Early Spring!

It has been good to take a winter break and regroup after such a busy summer and fall.  Good weather brought on lots of opportunities and we enjoyed playing for dancers at the local brewery, Rising Silo, and the Floyd Country Store. 


The band performed for "STOP MVP" at two of their events to support members and boost morale.  We were invited to play for several Virginia Tech special functions at Smithfield Plantation, the German Club, and the Hahn Horticultural Gardens.


Square Dancing is back after a long break for COVID and social distancing.  The Ferrum Freshman dance is a real ice-breaker and we finally got back to barn dances with the Blacksburg Square Dance last fall!


Finally, we took time out to record some favorite tunes that we have been working on and are still editing for a final album.  Our bass player, Kristie, has been leaning and in singing a third part to enhance our harmony and we're excited to share our recordings soon.  Her three year old son is a big fan of our train songs and his dancing and singing adss a lot to our practice sessions!


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