Old Time Herald Review

We are very proud and pleased with our CD review by Bill Wagner in the last issue of the Old Time Herald: 

"They are on the entertainer end of the spectrum and that is reflected in their debut CD. …After all, there is a reason these tunes are popular and that is because they are pleasing….The band is at their best on the instrumental tunes. "Garfield's Blackberry Blossom" gets a nice airing, pushed along by some long, Puckett-like guitar runs from Barbour. Herling also gives a good kick to "Texas Gals," "Billy in the Lowground," and "Big Scioty," throwing in a few twists here and there. His standout tracks, indeed the standout tracks of th recording are, however, "East Tennessee Blues" and "If the River Was Whiskey." Those come together best, probably because of the infectious, swingy beat and good feeling. Herling is also at his most inventive, creating some very good lines and variations. "if the River Was Whiskey" features his best singing here, though "Dixie Darling" is a close second, with "Up On the Blue Ridge Mountain" just behind that. Both sides of the coin, archivist and entertainer, are needed, but the name of the game is still entertainment. The Indian Run Stringband gives us a good bit of that with this debut."

 Check out the entire review on the Press and Quotes page. Thank you all for your love and support 🙂


Summer Update

We have been having a great summer 2014 so far! A few gigs here and there and many fun things to come. Recently, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet and play with Dom Flemons and Boo Hanks at the Blue Ridge Music Center. What amazing musicians and fun people! We opened for them on a warm evening and then were able to relax and listen to their shows.

IRSB sound check


Dom and Boo playing together after our set


Kristie and Ginger with Boo and Dom after the show

We’ve been able to play for a few festivals so far – all have proved to be a great time! We had a BLAST being the featured band for the Henry Reed Festival and competing at Elk Creek. In fact, Paul got 3rd place for Bluegrass fiddle at Elk Creek and even competed at Wayne Henderson Festival!!! We're all very proud of him.

Mark, Paul, Ginger and Chris Webb at Henry Reed Festival


A few good opportunities to come out and listen to us are coming up. Some notable gigs are the Floyd Country Store on August 8 and the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Roanoke Campground on August 10! And those are just in the near future. Check out the Events page for more info!

Keep on pickin’ and enjoying the beautiful southwestern VA summer weather.


Looking forward to May 31!

After a great show at Gillies on Wednesday the 28th, we are all geared up to play for the Newport Jamboree and for a special private event tomorrow out in Newport, VA!

Thanks to all our friends who came out to Gillies – you were so much fun!!


Hooray for Summer 2014!

The air is sweeter, grass is greener, flowers in full bloom, the wind wispers of late night jams and all-night fiddler's convention fun! We couldn't wait for the summer to come, and it's finally about here! 

Winter – Spring 2014 was a really rough and tumble time for IRSB, but we got through it stronger and sounding more vivacious than ever! Our bassist is now *finally* done with that pesky PhD and can spend more time focusing on more important things…like being present at more gigs! (Just kidding, we're proud, but it's good to have her back!). This weekend begins TONIGHT (May 9th) at the Floyd Country Store at 7:30PM and then TOMORROW (May 9th) at Warm Hearth in celebration for the NRV Eco Expo!

We were able to play at some lovely venues so far in 2014, including The Cellar, Gillies, The Palisades, Moss Center for the Arts, Homestead Farm, and Floyd Country Store. It was a great break from those cold-weather blues we all get and we loved all the dancers.

I'll be back in a little while to post some pictures of our recent gigs on this blog, but in the meantime, check out this well-dressed crowd we played to yesterday (May 8) for President Charles Steger's retirement celebration!

CXCW Videos posted!

Hey Everyone! Go to out Audio/Video page to check out our submissions for Couch By Couchwest and remember to "like" it. ALSO, for those of you who have tickets, we can't wait to see you at the Crooked Road Festival at the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech on Saturday, March 22! And for everyone else, come to the square dance at Homestead Farm in Riner, VA on Sunday March 23 at 4pm for some kickin' tunes and enthusiastic calling by our good friend Phil Louer.

Frigid February Update

This month has brought in a lot of cold weather that prevented us from playing our only Feb gig! Not to fear, though, as we've been pretty diligently working on our next album! (Details on title and artwork to come…)

In any case, next month (March) will be sure to bring a lot of chances for you to see us. Not just at local venues like Gillie's and The Cellar, but also the big Festival at the Moss Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech! We're thrilled to be able to play there and are looking forward to you coming out to support Old Time music, Bluegrass, dancing, local artisans, and the history and culture of this place we all warmly call our home.

Stay warm and keep picking, IRSB

This Friday at Floyd

Howdy Friends!

You won't want to miss our LAST 2013 gig at The Floyd Country Store this Friday. We go on at 9PM and play until 10:30(ish). The weather even looks like it'll cooperate, so don't miss it.

We really enjoyed playing at Gillies last week and appreciate everyone who came out to hear us and chow on some delicious viddles. 

Looking forward to that Country Store ice cream…

Great night at Floyd!

Thank you to all the fantastic dancers – young and old! The house was packed when we started:

And all the young folks were so energetic and fun, they even posed for us!:

We'll be back to Floyd Country Store on December 13th…but in the mean time, catch us on the radio this Saturday on WNRV AM 990!