2023 Events
July 28th-Warm Hearth Village Concert – Blacksburg, VA 7:00-8:30  
July 29th-RISING SILO BREWERY – Blacksburg, VA 5:30-8:30
August 3rd-CONTINENTAL DIVIDE LOUNGE -Skelton Inn,VA Tech,Blacksburg,VA 5PM
August 6th-Blue Ridge Pkw. Concert at Peaks of Otter Lodge-Bedford, VA 2:00pm
August 8th-FERRUM COLLEGE SQUARE DANCE – Ferrum, VA  6:00-7:30pm
August 18th-Graduate Life Center BBQ at VaTech – Blacksburg, VA 6:00-7:30 pm 
September 9th-Possum Creek Playboys Jam– Bristol Rhythm & Roots, VA 12-2 pm     
September 30th-Rising Silo HARVEST DANCE PARTY – Blacksburg, VA  6-9 pm
October 1st – MOSS ARTS CENTER Outdoor Concert– Blacksburg, VA  6:15 pm
October 7th-Blacksburg SQUARE DANCE – Homestead Farm,Riner,8-11PM
October 20th-Rising Silo Brewery – Blacksburg, VA 5:30-8:30 PM
October 29th-Pumpkin Festival – Sinkland Farm,Riner,VA 1- 4PM
November 5th – Wilderness Road Museum House Concert – Newbern, VA, 2-4PM

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