Summertime Tunes!

It was a real thrill to perform on the main stage at Blacksburg's Fork and Cork Festival and it was fine weather for wine tasting! The following week, we loved helping celebrate a homestyle wedding with a gorgeous mountain vista of the New River Valley. The bride was barefoot and pregnant, but still had a blast dancing the Virginia Reel to our highstepping version of "John Brown's Dream!" The Mountians of Music Homecoming Festival sponsored by the Crooked Road kept us very busy for 9 days in June. We played for a great clogging workshop and squaredance/ barndance  on the well-worn planks of the old barn floor in Riner.

Saturday night dances returned to Floyd Country Store as part of the Mountains of Music Festival and we played for the dance/concert in June. it was a big success with the Blacksburg Hoorah Cloggers putting on an amazing performance! They will be performing with us again when we play there on , Friday, August 21. They are the best dancers ever! Other highlights of the festival week in June included our first time playing at the new Pearisburg's Farmers Market, hosting the Blacksburg Market old time jam to a big crowd and lots of dancers, and playing for the Solstice Chef event at the Blacksburg Farmers Market on a fine Saturday morning.

It was a real delight to start the evening of festive dancing at my own daughter's wedding by calling a dance for a joyous crowd of dancers whooping it up to the Virginia Reel. There are more fun times to come this summer as we will take the stage for a set at Blacksburg's Steppin' Out and the Heritage Days at the Montgomery County Museum.

Hope to see you out and about, supporting live music!