Mountains of Music Tour

We had a wonderful time two weeks ago during the Mountains of Music Homecoming – we played three gigs, which were all very successful and had great turnouts!

First up was the show at the Hethwood Market on Friday evening – beautiful evening weather combined with a few loyal listeners. It was a wonderful venue that should prove to be a great place for future shows.

Next was the Virginia Cheese Festival on Saturday – this was an awesome turnout and a beautiful (but hot!) day! Over 800 people showed up to this event and we were able to meet some great folks and local celebs. Check out our 3 seconds of fame on WDBJ 7's 11:00 News:

Finally, on Sunday, was the square dance at Smithfield Plantation – what a blast!!

We're really looking forward to our gig at Draper Mercantile on July 9th…check out this sweet flyer for the show:

Remember to buy your tickets in advance – you don't want to miss this one. See you there!!!