Audio & Video

Socially-distant band practice down in the Holler, August 2020

Richmond Blues

Fly Around Pretty Little Miss

Arkansas Traveller 

Cattle in the Cane

Paul Herling competing at Galax with Monroe's Farewell to Long Hollow
and Liam Kelly on guitar backup, Summer 2019

Cattle in the Cane at Theatre Bristol, September 2018

Check out these adorable little dancers during our jam at The Floyd Country Store on December 17, 2017

My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains performance at the Crooked Road Festival at the Moss Center , January 2015

Couch by Couchwest recordings, March of 2014:

East Virginia

Always Been a Rambler


Ashokan Farewell recorded June 2014

Midnight on the Water/Bonaparte's Retreat, Medley; recorded June 2014

Indian Run Stringband at the Blacksburg Crooked Road Banner Presentation, September 25, 2013



Global Youth Village – Hoorah Cloggers & Indian Run Stringband, July 2013

Indian Run Stringband on WNRV Jamboree: Walking in My Sleep, July 2013

Indian Run Stringband on WNRV Jamboree: Country Ham, July 2013

Indian Run Stringband on WNRV Jamboree: Big Scioty, July 2013

Blacksburg Southern Mountain Square dance featuring Indian Run Stringband. Video by the Blacksburg Community Arts Series, May 2013


Pickin' Round The Woodstove, March 2013

Hello Stranger recorded March 2013

Dixie Darling recorded March 2013

Up on the Blue Ridge Mountains recorded February 2013

East Tennessee Blues recorded February 2013

Richmond Blues recorded February 2013

If the River Was Whiskey recorded January 2013

Lee Highway Blues recorded January 2013

Lee Highway Blues, Radford, April 2012

MP3 New River Valley Jamboree in the WNRV Studio – Featuring Indian Run Stringband. April, 2012