Get thirsty for some more live tunes!

After a great time last Wednesday at the Farmers Market Jam and Crooked Road banner presentation,  then Sunday at the WVTF station – we took the past few days to recover and make sure we could still make our day jobs (a huge accomplishment sometimes, if you know what I mean)!!!

Well, we were certainly honored to be the host band for the jam on the 25th. SO many wonderful supporters of the music and the community came out, and we are enternally grateful for everyone – expecially the wonderful dancers!! Please go to our gallery and see what the festivities were all about. And, go check out the announcement on the Town of Blacksburg website.

Sunday, we had the honor to go to the WVTF station in Roanoke (behind the Red Lobsta!) and play on Kinney Rorrer's Back To The Blue Ridge program. We've been listeners of this program for YEARS so, it was a real honor and treat to now be a part of the Back To The Blue Rige family. Our wonderful audience members were so supportive – it can be hard to play to an imaginary audience. When you're on air, you never know who may be listening! 

Kinney, his wife, Bonnie, and all the staff and volunteers at WVTF were just about the lovliest people we've met. And the Bluegrass band that came after us was really rockin' and rollin' (did you check them out?). We hope our tunes brought in some well-deserved monetary funds. We know many of our friends called in to support the station, and we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for supporting, not just the station, but the culture that each one of us here at IRS has poured our hearts and souls into.

Now, it's on to the next of our gigs…and it all goes down on Saturday!! Come toOur Daily Bread Bakery on October 5th (starting at 9:30a) to have a scrumptious breakfast and work up an appetite with our palate-friendly tunes. We'll be there till 11:30a – plenty of time to swig back a few cups of coffee, get your errands done, and then…

Come out to The Homestead Farm in Riner that NIGHT and dance to the beat of your own happiness! Afterall, life is all about attaining happiness…so why not get a little physical with it? We start at 8, don't be late!!