Hooray for Summer 2014!

The air is sweeter, grass is greener, flowers in full bloom, the wind wispers of late night jams and all-night fiddler's convention fun! We couldn't wait for the summer to come, and it's finally about here! 

Winter – Spring 2014 was a really rough and tumble time for IRSB, but we got through it stronger and sounding more vivacious than ever! Our bassist is now *finally* done with that pesky PhD and can spend more time focusing on more important things…like being present at more gigs! (Just kidding, we're proud, but it's good to have her back!). This weekend begins TONIGHT (May 9th) at the Floyd Country Store at 7:30PM and then TOMORROW (May 9th) at Warm Hearth in celebration for the NRV Eco Expo!

We were able to play at some lovely venues so far in 2014, including The Cellar, Gillies, The Palisades, Moss Center for the Arts, Homestead Farm, and Floyd Country Store. It was a great break from those cold-weather blues we all get and we loved all the dancers.

I'll be back in a little while to post some pictures of our recent gigs on this blog, but in the meantime, check out this well-dressed crowd we played to yesterday (May 8) for President Charles Steger's retirement celebration!