Show Opportunities

Hi wonderful fans!

The next few weeks, there are plenty of opportunities to come see and hear us live!

April 27: 9:30am Breakfast show at Our Daily Bread, Blacksburg: Come drink fresh French Roast and chow on some scrumptious scones while we serenade you with Old Time

2:00pm Fifth Annual Blacksburg Fork and Cork: After your French Roast, sip on some Chardonnay and listen to us jam out on stage

May 3: 5:30pm Mountain Lake Hotel: Eat a great locally grown dinner and listen to us play – this is a new event so come on out. Who knows, you may make some new friends…

May 4: 12:00pm Mountain Lake BrewRidge Music Festival: Beer! Music! Beer! Food! We play at noon and lots of great activities and other musical numbers!

6:00pm Blacksburg Square Dance: Put on your dancing shoes and grab a pretty girl! It's going to be at the Homestead Farm on Rt. 8

And one last thing…keep an eye out for a special announcement about a CD RELEASE!!! (we're kinda excited, can ya tell?)

Keep on pickin', IRS